14th Francophone Film Days: Acide

An action-packed artistic warning for the not-so-distant future in a world that has already been shaken by the winds of disaster.

14th Francophone Film Days: All Your Faces

Conciliatory stories of victims and perpetrators

14th Francophone Film Days: Bonnard: Pierre & Marthe

An inspired story about a great French painter and his wife - with wonderful acting.

14th Francophone Film Days: Captives

A closed world presentation centered on those who are ostracized by society.

14th Francophone Film Days: Four Daughters

Academy Award nomination in the best documentary category

14th Francophone Film Days: Life-Size Pauline

Pauline is appointed as a manager of an important project when her mother...

14th Francophone Film Days: Men of Deeds

A new film by the master of Romanian satirical comedy about a policeman

14th Francophone Film Days: Nothing to Lose

A precise and gut-wrenching natural history of maternal love and affection

14th Francophone Film Days: Out of Season

A story of rediscovered love on the beach, with lots of charm and humor

14th Francophone Film Days: Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger's Oscar-nominated animation

14th Francophone Film Days: Salem

A hypnotic film about how people do not give up hope even in the most difficult situations.

14th Francophone Film Days: Second Tour

A twisty comedy about political battles.

14th Francophone Film Days: Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds

A charming and surreal story of brotherhood.

14th Francophone Film Days: The Animal Kingdom

A film that strongly deviates from reality, so that we can think a little about how people relate to their environment

14th Francophone Film Days: The Beast

An exciting mix of genres from the witch's kitchen of one of the most influential and virtuoso directors of the 21st century.

14th Francophone Film Days: The love stories of Liv S.

Liv, a filmmaker and the lead singer of a post-punk band drifts through a cycle of love

14th Francophone Film Days: Tori and Lokita

A heart-stopping thriller by the two-time Palme d'Or-winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

14th Francophone Film Days: Where we live

A day in the life of a young lawyer Antonis Spetsiotis that turns out quite unexpectedly

14th Francophone Film Days: Yannic

Comedy about the (power) relationship between artist and audience from the French master of absurd films.


Christian Petzold's work won the Silver Bear Award

All About the Levkoviches

A bittersweet dramedy about grief, family and the fact that everyone is always right.

Anatomy of a Fall

The Palme d'Or, European Film Award and Golden Globe winning film continuously in the Programme

And the king said, what a fantastic machine

What have we used the camera for since 1895?

Bob Marley: One Love

The story of Bob Marley goes through the path of his revolutionary music

Dune – Part Two

"Beyond fear...anger flares up"

FILM/MUSIC: A Priceless Day

Movie by Péter Gothá, score by György Selmeczi - March 24, 2024


With the music of jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez on 26th April

FILM/MUSIC: Cineconcert on Hungarian Film Day

Filmconcert on Hungarian Film Day - April 30, 2024


Original score by András Szőllősy - March 11, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: Dancer in the Dark

Lars von Trier's classic, starring and scored by Björk

FILM/MUSIC: Killers of the Flower Moon

Martin Scorsese presents one of the shameful spots in American history related to Native Americans

FILM/MUSIC: Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan's Golden Globe winner thriller starring Cillian Murphy

FILM/MUSIC: Pelikan Blue - Screening with Q&A

Guests: Ambrus Tövisházi and Miklós Preiszner composers & Tamás Zányi sound designer

FILM/MUSIC: Poor Things

Yorgos Lanthimos' new film is an amazing story about the fantastic development of Bella Baxter


Historical drama by Miklós Jancsó - March 16, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: Spellbound

Alfred Hitchcock's movie with the score of Miklós Rózsa - March 28, 2024


Original score by György Ránki - March 14, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: Szikrázó lányok

Musical farce about women in the canning factory - March 21, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: The Grand Illusion

Jean Renoir's classic

FILM/MUSIC: The Lion Is Readyt to Jump

Retro action comedy starring the beat band Illés - March 20, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: The Zone of Interest

The Cannes grand prize-winning movie

FILM/MUSIC:2001: A Space Odyssey

A huge space adventure that connects the beginning of human history and the distant future

FILM/ZENE: 3:1 a szerelem javára

Ábrahám Pál dzsesszoperettje 35 mm-ről - ÚJ IDŐPONTBAN: 2024. április 3.

FILM/ZENE: A magyar film hőskora - Hot Jazz Band koncert

Az est narrátora: Kurutz Márton - 2024. 03. 27., 19:30

FILM/ZENE: A Quiet Home

Entertaining comedy from the early Kádár era with music by Szabolcs Fényes - March 8, 2024

FILM/ZENE: Lefkovicsék gyászolnak - zenés közönségtalálkozó

A színpadon: Márkos Albert zeneszerző és zenésztársai - 2024. 03. 12.

Italian Journey: A Brighter Tomorrow

The latest film by Nanni Moretti, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival

Italian Journey: Amanda

Carolina Cavalli, the film's director, will be our guest at the screening.

Italian Journey: Billy

A story about a child prodigy who struggles to cope with the challenges of growing up

Italian Journey: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Italian Journey: Last Night of Amore

Franco Amore, a police officer in Milan, may lose everything on the night of his last day on duty

Italian Journey: Rosa - Il canto delle sirene

Isabella Ragonese, the film's director, will be our guest at the screening.

Italian Journey: Strangeness

During a short stay in Sicily in 1920, Luigi Pirandello finds himself in an unexpected situation

Most vagy soha!

A spectacular historical film about Petőfi and the great day of the March Revolution.

One Life

A moving true story starring Anthony Hopkins.


Christopher Nolan's Golden Globe winner thriller starring Cillian Murphy

Past Lives

A heartbreaking story about life decisions, missed opportunities and true love

Perfect Days

"Perhaps Wim Wenders' most perfect film" - Welt

Poor Things

Yorgos Lanthimos' new film is an amazing story about the fantastic development of Bella Baxter


Lajos Koltai's film "about the savior of mothers"

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

The documentary with hypnotic power won the award for best direction in the World Cinema section at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Fox - Screening with Q&A

Guest: Milán Radisics photographer

The Holdovers

The winter break is coming, but not everyone goes home for the holidays.

The Taste of Things

A romantic drama about the love between the excellent cook Eugenie and her employer, the famous gourmet Dodin Bouffant

The Zone of Interest

The Cannes grand prize-winning movie

Tobacco Barns

7-year-old Vera spends the summer on her grandfather's tobacco farm, where she meets a friendly magical creature

Whale Nation

Breathtaking nature film, in which a series of never-before-seen underwater footage brings the whales closer

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