15th Romanian Film Week: #dogpoopgirl

A cancel culture satire - December 8th

15th Romanian Film Week: Întregalde

Opening movie of the film week - December 7th

15th Romanian Film Week: La Civil

Story of Cielo who transforms from a housewife into a vengeful militant - Dec 10th

15th Romanian Film Week: Manor House - Malmkrog

Cristi Puiu's monumental fresco based on Solovyov' text - December 12th

15th Romanian Film Week: Micado

Past decisions have irreversible consequences - December 11th

15th Romanian Film Week: Night Patrol

December 9th

15th Romanian Film Week: Wild Romania

Dedicated to Romania’s nature and wildlife - December 11th

A Taste of Hunger

A couple who sacrifice everything to achieve the highest accolade in the culinary world

Anilogue 2021 - Animated Night

Animation selection for adult viewers

Anilogue 2021 - Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess

The new japanese version of Beauty and the Beast

Anilogue 2021 - BEST OF ANILOGUE 2020-21

Awarded short animation films by Jury of Anilogue 2020

Anilogue 2021 - Calamity – A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

A wild west tale wich won Crystal Award in Annecy

Anilogue 2021 - Children's films competition 8+

Selected animations for children over 8 years old

Anilogue 2021 - Seven Days War

Beautifully drawn Japanese animation about the rebellion of adolescents

Anilogue 2021 - Short Film Competition 'C'

Selected european short animation films - among them with hungarian works too

Anilogue 2021 - WolfWalkers

Oscar-nominated animation by Tomm Moore from the world of Irish legends

Botticelli, Florence And The Medici

From the 18th of November

Last Night in Soho

An unforgettable journey into the 60s

Magyar passió

A film by Karoly Eperjes about a priest who opposed with the new political sistem in the age 50's

My Rembrandt - Pre-premiere

On 2nd of December at 6.30 pm

Pompei - Eros e mito

From 14th of October

Riders of Justice

Anders Thomas Jensen’s latest black comedy starring Mads Mikkelsen

The Cost of Deception

From 21st of October

The Father

With Oscar-winner acting of Sir Anthony Hopkins

The New Bauhaus - The Life & Legacy of Moholy-Nagy

A film about the the innovative artist and educator, Moholy-Nagy Lászlóról

The Worst Person in the World - Pre - premiere

The best romantic film of recent years


A personal portrait of one of the most influential performers in 20th century music history

Vadlovak – Hortobágyi mese

Török Zoltán filmje a vadlovak és a hortobágyi puszta izgalmas világáról

Zurbarán y sus doce hijos

Újabb vetítés december 18-án 11 órakor

Maszkviselés és egyéb járványügyi intézkedések

Hírlevél feliratkozás

Az Ismeretlen Uránia - kötet

Metropolitan Opera 2021/2022

Zenei Példaképek

Uránia Aranykönyv


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