Guardian Of The Light

Kazakh drama, 95 min, 2018
In Kazakh language with Hungarian and English subtitles

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Director: Ermek Tursunov

Screenplay: Iermek Tursunov
Camera: Martin Seshanov
Music: Kuat Shildebaev
Cast: Murat Mukashianov, Nina Usatova, Alibek Danabai, Kuat Tleubaev

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Guest: Tamás Tóth (director first assistant), Martin Szecsanov (cameraman)

At the end of WWII, a Kazakh soldier saves a German civilian, who gives him a portable projector and some film prints as thanks. For the next 30 years, the soldier stalwartly travels the countryside, showing films in one remote village after another, even as the march of time and modern theaters begin to catch up. He becomes the legendary Tarzan, as the kids call him, who adds his own story to the films.

More information about the TürkÍz series.

Awards: Sanghai Film Festival 2019, Best Film nominee

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