Latin American Film Days: A World for Julius

Un Mundo para Julius
filmdrama / Peru, 105 min, 2021
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Rossana Diaz Costa

Cast: Mayella Lloclla, Fiorella de Ferrari, Nacho Fresneda, Augusto Linares, Rodrigo Barba, Pamela Saco

The story of Julius, the youngest member of an upper-class family in Lima, Peru takes place during the fifties. The child lives in a mansion with his aristocratic family surrounded by an excess of servants. As years pass, Julius slowly begins to lose his innocence as he realizes with dismay the inequality and injustice deeply embedded in the world of adults. This movie is a necessary piece in order to reflect on Peru and Latin America. Julius is one of those characters that lives in the imagination of Peruvians and Latinos alike that reminds them of the past decades filled with nostalgy, warmth, pain and a drop of humor. Nonetheless, the loss of innocence of Julius goes beyond Peru. His loss is universal that any person around the world can sense and identify with.

The Peruvian novelist and Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa said about this masterpiece that “Un mundo para Julius is one of the funniest and subtlest novels in Latin American literature. In it, Alfredo Bryce Echenique describes, with the sensitivity of a child, the refined but unseeing world of the oligarchies. The criticism runs deep but it is softened by delightful humor, discreet tenderness and gentle nostalgia.”

The director, Rossana Díaz Costa (Lima, 1970) studied Literature at the Universidad Católica del Perú. In Spain she took Doctorate Courses in Hispanic Literature at the Universidad de La Coruña where she also studied Scriptwriting and Direction at the Film School. She specialized as a screenwriter at the Escuela de Cinematografía de la Comunidad de Madrid - ECAM (Film School of Madrid). This is her second long-feature film.

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