Slave Bird

A Hungarian silent film believed to be lost, restored, with live music

15 december 2023 19:00 - 21:30

Location: Díszterem

Anna ends up in prison because of her lover, who had persuaded her to steal. The girl longs to visit her lover for the last time so she convinces the good-hearted prison doctor to let her out for a single night. Jenő, the man she adores, is a cynical and womanizing head waiter in a hotel who has long forgotten about his one-time girlfriend. His latest plan is to break into the hotel safe with the help of one of the guests, a beautiful dancer, and then escape. However, Anna takes control of the situation…

This dramatic and fast-paced crime and love story from the late silent era features Hungarian-German actors. The censor first tried to have the film banned in Hungary and only relented when screenings abroad proved to be a hit. The only surviving copy was passed to the Austrian Film Archive by a Dutch private collector, and from there the National Film Institute Hungary – Film Archive received it for restoration.
4k digital restoration of the film was realized in the Season of Classic Films programme of the ACE - Association des Cinémathèques Européennes with the support of the MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Screening with live music accompaniment, original German intertitles, Hungarian and English subtitles.
Composers: Milán Hodován - live electronics, keyboard, Patrik Oláh – violin, Péter Friderikusz - cello

1929, Directors: Pál Sugár, Lajos Lázár, screenwriters: Lajos Lázár, Walter Reisch, cinematographers: József Bécsi and Adolf Otto Weitzenberg, set designer: István Szironthai Lhotka, production studio: Märy Film, producer: Géza Steinhardt.
Starring: Lissy Arna (Anna, prisoner), Hans Adalbert Schlettow (Jenő, hotel waiter), Charlotte Susa (doctor), El Dura (Malaysian dancer), Ida Turay (Madárka), Mariska H. Balla (manageress), Olga Kerékgyártó (new maid), Szidi Rákosi (prison guard).
»Apr. 18. – Thursday«

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