Budapest Classic Film Marathon: Lumière! The Adventure of Cinema Begins

Lumière! L'aventure commence
French documentary, black and white, 90 min, 2016

Show times:

Director: Thierry Frémaux

Cast: Auguste Lumière, Louis Lumière, Martin Scorsese

Open archives / Institute Lumiere / Film concerts

The film will be screened with live narration by Thierry Frémaux!

Lumière! is a journey into the universe of the creators of filmmaking: the surviving frames of the recordings made by the Lumière brothers have been united into one single film by Thierry Frémaux. From behind the archive footages, the director talks with peerless enthusiasm and humour about the world and about France at the dawn of modernity, as well as about the birth of motion pictures. “Louis Lumière was a genuine artist. He was the first film director and an inventor at the same time. Aged thirty, he was young, full of energy and vitality. This too is featured in our film. The world of the Lumières is delicate and sensitive. My purpose was to show all this in a lively manner" – writes the director, Frémaux, who is also the director of the Cannes Festival and director of the legendary Institute Lumière. The film will be screened with live narration by Thierry Frémaux.

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